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A Platform for Entrepreneurship

HitFox Group is a fast-growing platform for entrepreneurship. We build digital companies together with exceptional entrepreneurs on a global scale. We transform selected high-growth markets by establishing synergistic company clusters, while each portfolio company remains independently focused and agile. Our announced growth markets are adtech, big data and fintech. We run HitFox on the belief that great companies are built by great people who are given the trust to start doing what they do best: to create with passion.

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Our Markets

HitFox Group builds companies in selected high­ growth markets, with a current focus on adtech, big data and fintech. HitFox helps to launch great companies by seed funding startups under the company builders’ umbrella with 0.5 to 5 million USD. The HitFox network of expertise in Tech, Marketing, People & Organization, Finance & Legal is available to support ventures on their way to success.

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We Grow Talent

We are passionate about the growth of our people, as they are to thank for the success of our companies, and we give back by offering them room to grow and shape the direction of HitFox. This is how we maintain our collective work ethic and keep our culture diverse and vibrant. We make a habit of offering co-workers new responsibilities and challenges. After all, our companies can only be as good as our fox pack.

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About HitFox Group

The HitFox Group is a digital platform builder based in Berlin. Since 2011, HitFox built three leading platforms in the areas of Fintech, Health, and Advertising Technology & Data: finleap (e.g. solarisBank, Clark), Heartbeat Labs (e.g. Fernarzt, HY STUDIO), and the advertising vertical (e.g. PubNative, AppLift, zeotap). The group’s overall portfolio includes 26 companies and about 1,200 employees, that are spread across three continents with offices in San Francisco, Shanghai, Bangalore, and Seoul. HitFox was founded by Jan Beckers, Tim Koschella, Hendrik Krawinkel, and Hanno Fichtner and is focussed on building digital platforms in challenging growth markets.